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Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello, Anybody Out There?

Photo Credit:  Jennifer Williams (AKA: Yours Truly!)

To send New Year's wishes seems quite tardy now, but Happy New Year's nevertheless!!  The holidays were wonderfully blessed in the Williams' household this year, as we had the opportunity to spend an amazing amount of time with family in Texas.  The kids traveled fabulously (yes, we did the 2 day drive each way again this year!), and were able to get in lots of play dates with cousins while we were there.  Mommy and Daddy even got in a few play dates as well!  It took a little while to get everyone back on schedule, but we've finally done it :)

Now it's time to get back to biz.  Here's a little eye candy from the lather lab.  I've been putting together some really fresh essential oil blends for Spring.  The one pictured (as of yet unnamed) uses a combination of green tea, lemon, chamomile, and a touch of mint.  Still waiting to be cut, but smells incredible!

Back in a bit...Toodles!

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