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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eye Candy & A New Design

A lot has been going on offline over the course of the past few months and, though there is still quite a bit happening, I decided to carve some time out to give the blog a fresh face and bang out a bit of soap.

Redesigning the blog was, in my opinion, long overdue.  First, it became a muddled mess of this and that with no real direction or streamlined content.  Second, it was no longer a reflection of the growth and direction my business interests were taking.  Although from a design aspect, it is still a work in progress, I like the new look and feel it is more focused.  I hope you like it too!

With that being said, how about a little bubbly eye candy?  I recently added a new toy to the lather lab...a commercial soap cutter that I adore!  13 bars plus generous sample slices cut in one easy swoop.  What could be sweeter?  Except, of course, these soapy sweets...


Verte (newly designed)
La Plage

Have an amazing weekend!!

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