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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are Your Child Safety Measures Up to Par?

No one likes to think of the unthinkable happening to their little prince or princess...but in the case of an emergency, do you have your child's pertinent information in a readily accessible place? When was the last time you updated your child's safety information?

Why is child ID and child safety so important? The FBI receives over 2000 missing children reports every day. A child in the United States becomes missing every 40 seconds. Statistics from the US justice department and the world Almanac puts the chance of any child becoming missing at 1 in 42.

According to law enforcement throughout the United States, a parent’s best assurance for the quick and safe recovery of a missing child is to have a complete profile of the child on hand. The first hours after a child becomes missing is the most critical time for recovery. However it is also the time when the parents are in a panic mode and can not remember a detailed description of their child.
This is where Guard-A-KidTM comes into play. By providing a total and complete child ID and child safety package, Guard-A-KidTM is able to provide you with the peace of mind to focus your energy on other things. I personally love the Smart ID sticks! This high capacity USB flash memory stick can store all of your family's safety information in one convenient location and you can update your information as frequently as you desire without having to re-purchase!

Stop by and visit Michelle Johnson and Sheila Mortensen today. They are untraditional moms with traditional values and a genuine desire to provide you with top of the line safety products for your precious loved ones!


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