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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shutter Buddy {Review}

Photo courtesy of Shutter Buddy (TM)

Just in time for the Holidays!

With so many photo opps approaching, the Shutter Buddy (TM) is a must have for parents of wee ones. Those of us with little ones know that getting the "money shot" from an infant can be challenging at best. With shorter attention spans and under developed visual focus and acuity, it is often difficult to capture those big baby eyes looking into the lens.

I recently had the privilege of reviewing the Shutter Buddy (TM), a unique camera accessory designed capture the attention of even the youngest subjects. Designed with baby's visual perception in mind, the Shutter Buddy (TM) is a geometric cone designed to attach easily to the front of your camera (which to my delight, it does!). Bearing a checkered black and white pattern (a pattern renowned for capturing baby's early visual interest), this unique accessory fits most digital cameras and folds compactly for easy transport and storage. I gave this little gem a run for its money over the Thanksgiving Holiday and found it to be quite effective. Rather than having to chirp like a bird, cluck like a duck, or sing renditions of any one of my famed "mommy songs", the presence of the Shutter Buddy (TM) on the front of our camera was enough to draw my little Ellie Bean's attention for quite some time. As an 8 month old whose vision has developed far beyond the black and white phase, I imagine the unique 3-D shape of this piece was as much a draw for her as anything, but I am confident that the pattern on it would be quite effective for babies in the 0-3 months range as well. I was pleasantly surprised that even as an "older" baby, Ellia was drawn to this product. I was able to take shot after shot with ease and without the usual backflips needed to gain her attention :)

We all know that the Holidays with all of their merriment can be overstimulating for little munchkins to say the least. If your looking for a little something extra in your picture taking arsenal this Season, I encourage you to give the Shutter Buddy (TM) a try!


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