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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ready, Set, Dig!

It's been pretty crummy around here lately...overcast, off-and-on showers, and cold! So today, one of my little paleontologists decided to take me on a dig...and we had a blast! I must apologize in advance for the poor photo quality in this post...he was so excited about his excavation that I couldn't get him to sit still for my snaps :)

Chisels, mallets, and brushes were flyin'...and so was the debris! This kit was a little different from others we have done in the past. Rather than being comprised of a sandy material, the "rock" was made of very course, almost pebble like rocks...Yikes! We were able to expose both of the rib cages and a pelvis today, but I think when we tackle it again tomorrow, we'll be hangin' on the covered deck to keep the interior of the house clean. Sure am glad the set came with a pair of goggles for my little man...too bad there wasn't an extra pair for Mama!


  1. So fun! I forgot about those, I think Jack's probably ready to try one out. Let me know if you have a fave to recommend (I'll probably order it off Amazon).

  2. We've done multiple digs from Edu Science and have had good experiences. I think with any of these kits, you have to take the right safety precautions. This one definitely required the protective goggles. I've used inexpensive dust masks in the past with other sets that have more of a sandy texture. I'm sure Jack would LOVE it!

  3. How cool is this?! Thanks! I have a little boy that I know would love love love this! ;)


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