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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mommy's New Toy!

I'm so over the moon with this surprise from my husband!  I've been desperately wanting a more upscale camera for some time now to improve the quality of both my product photos and our kids' action shots during sporting events.  My Canon PowerShot is fine for quick pics on the go, but it just can't deliver the depth and artistic feel I want for my products and definitely can't get the money shot during live action.  

Enter the Nikon D90...I'm really looking forward to learning about all of the cool features associated with this camera, but alas, I am truly a novice photographer at best right now and am afraid I have my work cut out for me.  Fortunately, it comes with some fantastic "auto" features designed specifically for my lack of expertise!  The other great thing is I was able to get a fabulous bundle at a super price.  The package came with the camera, 2 (yes 2!) zoom lenses, a camera bag filled with pockets and dividers for all of my gadgets (love!), a 4GB memory card, rechargeable battery, charger, and an "Understanding Digital Photography" DVD (big score for me who has much to learn!).  Even better yet, it was $200 off plus an extra mail-in rebate!!

I apologize in advance if I go on a little photo-spree for the next little while, but I just can't wait to start, working with my new favorite toy!


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