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Friday, June 10, 2011

You Name It, You WIN It!!

Ok, Lovelies, I'm in search of the perfect name for my latest bar of cold processed shea butter soap and stuck in a creative block.  So, I'm turning to you, my super fabulous followers, for a bit of inspiration.  Up for grabs, your very own bar of this delightfully fresh blend!  That's right...if your suggested name is chosen, you win some naturally decadent bath time bubbly!!

A bit about the bar:
One of our classic shea butter soaps made with a refreshing essential oil blend of fresh lemongrass, sweet lime, and juicy tangerine, blended with antioxidant rich green tea and skin soothing chamomile.  This blend has an earthy sweetness with VERY subtle hints of citrus...would not necessarily pick out the citrus notes on first sniff :)

The "Name Game" will be open to U.S. residents from now until 8pm EST on June 17th.  Just leave a comment with your suggestion to enter (please include your email if not attached to your profile so that I can contact you if you win!).


  1. Can we have more than one suggestion...?? Here goes! :)

    -Citrus Zen
    -Green Zen (b/c of green tea used but I envision a green color with the creme rather than the citrus color)

  2. Absolutely, Diana...the more, the merrier when it comes to suggestions! :)

  3. Summer Sweet Tea --

  4. Oh it's so beautiful! And you know how much I love those combos! Can't wait to try it! Leah got to my Sweet Tea one first but how about:
    Tea Time
    Tea for One
    Tea Party
    Margarita Bliss

    I'd suggest a name that explains what is in it me it looks like marshmallow and caramel...maybe I'm just hungry though. :) heehee

  5. Refresh Yourself or Ah, Refresh by Maria McLaughlin via Facebook

  6. Haha, Kate, you're hilarious! I guess it does look a bit like marshmallow with a caramel drizzle!! :)

  7. Summertime
    Tangerine Dream
    I also thought of Margarita I guess b/c of the lime and Fruit Tea like Kayteedids did.

  8. Bellaroma BlogspotJune 13, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    Ohh Sweet Tea is a good one too! :) I love picking names for products!...and omg marshmallow caramel is making me drool!

  9. Keep 'em coming,'re coming up with some real gems!!

  10. Golden Treasure

  11. sweet caramel,butterscotch, marshmallow fluff, citrus blend, sweet citrus, caramel apple,Sandy, seashore, Refresh, Earthy, Hope,

    sweetone62406 at hotmail dot com

  12. Citrus Mellows
    Sun Drops
    Mayan White
    Mixed Seasons


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