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Friday, October 24, 2008


I debated long and hard about this post prior to writing it, but I hope you will indulge me briefly. I prefer to keep my blog upbeat and informative, as it's the best reflection of my own personality...but tonight I am extremely frustrated. There are MANY online baby boutiques out there that deal in similar, whimsical products to my own. The thing that makes the best of us stand out is our ability to put our own spin on the designs. There's bound to be some overlap and similarities, but the truly creative typically stand out with a superior product. It's this drive to create that I find most enjoyable about what I do.
The thing that I find most frustrating, however, is when some, in their piety, accuse others (whether directly or by inference) of copying ideas only to turn around and do the very thing they claim to detest. I have always been taught not to "cast stones" unless I myself am blameless. Perhaps others would do well to learn this same lesson.


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