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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Digging Out

Well, after a big to-do, we were finally able to dig out from the 8+ inches of snow we received over the weekend. The first hit was a piece of cake...hubby pulled out the snowblower and banged out the drive, sidewalks, and front porch with ease. We were not so fortunate after the second bout, however. Being the Good Samaritan that he is, hubby took the older boys and the snowblower over to his grandfather's house to help him dig out, then to his aunt's house to help her. Unfortunately, after about 90% of the work was done, the snowblower decided it had enough and konked out! He tried valiantly to revive it once he and the boys returned home, but no luck. A shovel, no matter how ergonomic and grand is just not the same after having the advantage of a snow blower! Poor hubby...he was snow-covered by the time the job was done. How nice to have the excuse of being pregnant!! :-)
Have a blessed week!!


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