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Friday, March 6, 2009

Cotton Blossom Crafts

The other day I found myself surfing the web aimlessly looking for the best deals on a couple of odds and ends that I needed for both personal and business use. I am, of course, the consummate deal seeker (to my husband's dismay). While DH would rather just run into the first store he sees and buy what he needs, I will search high and low, 2 stores or 20 to find the best deal (I know, it's a sickness!). Unfortunately when doing this on the web, I constantly find myself finding fabulous buys on numerous products...NONE of which are on the same site! There goes the "savings margin"...not saving too much when you have to pay shipping on multiple sites :( However, I digress...
As I was saying, Tuesday I was looking for some odds and ends when I stumbled upon Cotton Blossom Crafts. A cute little no-fuss supply store, they don't have a huge inventory but they did seem to have 5 of the items I was looking for at great prices. And better yet, they are incredibly fast on shipping...I ordered Tuesday afternoon and received my package Thursday before lunch (which was very pleasing to me because I am also HUGE on instant gratificaton whenever I can get it!)!! I was so pleased with my experience that I just felt the need to give them a quick little shout out :) I will definitely be back for more items in the future.


  1. Oh, thanks for featuring this! I might have to buy some of their packaging supplies.

  2. You're so's always great to find a new supplier who is fast and customer oriented!


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