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Friday, July 17, 2009

Decisions, Decisions....What do you think?

Well, we've narrowed the house search down to 2. I'm still hoping for a miraculous new listing to pop this weekend, but if not, we have 2 workable rental options. Of course, each has it's drawbacks. I'm hoping some of you may be able to lend your insight and help me sort out my true preference...I'm torn!
Here goes:
Rental #1: PROS - nice curb appeal, open floor plan, workable bedroom set up, decent backyard with a deck, family community. CONS - NO finished basement (huge for storage but not finished for a play area), NOT in a great school district (academically mediocre and also not racially diverse or incredibly accepting and our children are multiracial). $1750/mo
Rental #2: PROS - fairly open floor plan, very nice finishes on the inside, HAS a finished basement and large storage area, workable bedroom set up, GREAT school district. CONS - NO yard for the kids (literally), more of a condo-style (though it's listed as a detached home), few (if any) younger families with kids (mostly much older couples). $2000/mo
My eldest is 5 and will be in private kindergarten next year. However, after that, we will probably need to use the public school system, since our second will be starting school too (sending 2 kids private would be a really big stretch)...that's why school district is a consideration.
All things being equal, the houses are both workable on the inside with respect to the basics. The big sticking points are House #1 does not have a finished basement and is in a less-than-desirable school district. House #2 has no yard for our 4 munchkins to play in and no kids in the community (feels almost like a transitional community for much older couples, though it's not), but is in a good school district.
What do you think?


  1. Hi Jenn, Im not sure exactly what town you are looking at, but I would go for #2. since the oldest is 5, the kids cant really go out unsupervised so it might just be the same for you to go to a nearby park. My feeling (and it's only mine) is that you need to feel comforatble in your home, esp with 3 young kids-you'll be there more than in the backyard. As a bonus-alot less grass to cut :)

  2. I would always opt for the better school district. I have lived in the same little area since Alyssa was 16 because the SCHOOLS ARE FANTASTIC. It is something I can give her that will affect the rest of her life. Where I live was completely based on school district FIRST. If you have 4 kids, it is ok that no other kids are in the neighborhood. They have each other and you. Plus, without a big yard, it will "force" you (not that you need forcing) to do more things with them which is a WONDERFUL thing. It may not always seem like that now when you are about to pull out your hair, but when you are looking back like me, you won't have any regrets and you will be so thankful you spent all that time with them. If those are you only two choices, I would choose the better school hands down. By the way, the multi-racial thing becomes less and less as each day goes by, so don't worry so much about it. Kids are meaner to redheaded kids more than any one else...I survived ok :o)

  3. Wow, that's a tough one. I think I'd go with #1 because of the yard and the family community.
    I've always felt school is what you make of it - teachers are just as motivated by motivated students as vice versa - so if yours are keen they will do well regardless of where they are. One thing you didn't mention was a nearby decent library, for me that would be a big pro. The extra $250 monthly that you would save over the other place's rent could go towards extracurricular activities to add a little to their educational experience ('field trips' to museums, plays, art galleries, etc, or after-school programs/camps, or private lessons in music/dance/sport?)

    I think (unfortunately) kids come across bullies and fools no matter where they live... I don't think there's a child out there who hasn't been teased or felt excluded at one time or another, for one reason or another. Hopefully they will get strength from you and their own confidence to rise above. The benefit of a community with lots of kids is that they will find their niche among those kids and make good friends - it's harder when there aren't any neighbourhood kids at all to hang out with.

    Good luck choosing!

  4. I always vote for the better school district. Thanks so much for the comment love today.

  5. Totally say go for the better school district. It's going to be a major part of your (and your little one's) life for the next few years and you wouldn't want his education to suffer. Just my opinion! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. Hope to see you again soon:)


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