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Monday, October 19, 2009

Babble Blossom {Review}

Babble Blossom is an adorable children's boutique
specializing in quality handcrafted felt fashions for your little one's hair. Founded in 2008 by Kimberly Beltran, each hairclip is carfully hand-stiched for quality and durability. The snap-style clips are covered by soft pieces of felt, providing a comfortable fit for children of all ages. The functional design means that these stylish clips will look great and stay in place even on babies with very little hair!
I recently had the privilege of trying "Lucy the LadyBug" with my little sweetie. I must say that I was incredibly impressed with the quality of stitching on this hair clip. No worries here about small pieces coming loose and posing a hazard for little Miss Ellie Bean (though, as always, please consider any item with small parts a choking hazard for children under 3 yrs. and monitor while in use). I particularly like the fact that the felt itself creates a "slip-proof" grip for her hair, rather than having a separate grip adhered to the clip (no risk of having it come loose or detached!). The colors are vibrant and versatile enough to fit in well with Ellia's wardrobe and seemed to captivate her during "mirror play"!
Babble Blossom has a wide variety of adorable designs from which to choose. They have Big Blossoms and Bitty Blossoms (similar in design to that shown above), as well as their Butterfly, Barn, and Bites collections.

Stop by today to pick up something sweet for your little one!

All photos provided courtesy of Babble Blossom


  1. So cute.
    Visiting from SITS. Have a great day.

  2. it's adorable :) i will certainly get one of these when i will have a baby :)
    wish you a great day!

  3. Can I tell you how much I absolutely adore these clips? So, so wonderful! There honestly isn't a single one that I wouldn't pick up for my little girl too. Thanks for the great recommendation. I will definitely check them out.


  4. These are totally adorable -I love the ladybug and the watermelon


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