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Saturday, March 7, 2009


With 3 adorable little boys 5 years and under and a little princess on the way, my Hubby and I are always trying to come up with ways to fit in some individual "special mommy time" and "special daddy time". One of the favorites right now is that the boys take turns "helping me" with my weekly errands each Saturday. Our favorite hot spots are Costco/Sams, Target, and the local market (with a couple of biz supply stops along the way as needed).

It's a great way to teach the older 2 about counting, sorting, basic math, and (very basic) economics and the baby gets to learn about vibrant colors, shapes, and name recognition. With all of this learning taking place, you can imagine the "proud mama" in me deflating just slightly when I learned today from my 3 year old that "the best thing about shopping with (you) is getting to test all of the yummy samples!". This time, he was treated to fresh strawberries, pineapple, apple cider, chocolate ice cream, brownie bites, and sweet lemon tea from the numerous stands in the various venues. Guess I can't blame him...they did have a lot of yummy nibbles today!!


  1. Maybe you have a burgeoning foodie on your hands. You never know, he could grow up to be the next Jamie Oliver, Bobby Flay, or Emeril.

  2. You may be right...he is definitely my little food connoisseur!


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