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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Revitalize & Refresh!

There's nothing like some quality alone time with my hubby to put a pep in my step. Last night was fabulous! I was allowed to eat as leisurely as I pleased (no need to scarf my dinner down at the last minute after feeding the kiddos for fear it would have frostbite!), enjoyed adult conversation (that occasionally turned toward the munchkins, but overall we did very well!), looked into each others' eyes without catching a glimpse of flying children in our peripheral vision, and snuggled closely next to one another without a little one or two wedged in between...ahhhh the joy!

For those who know me (and those who do not yet), my children are my world and I adore them, but I wouldn't have them without my husband (whom I also love to death). Last night served as a pleasant reminder that in the midst of raising a family, it's equally important for parents to give each other the quality time we deserve together.


  1. A leisurely dinner is all we ask for sometimes! I got mine on girls night too, thanks for stopping by my blog also :)

  2. A leisurely dinner is all we can ask for sometimes, glad you got yours! Thanks for stopping by my blog also :)

  3. I think you gotta in a way put hubby first, and him do the same with you, then you'll be happier and better mommy and daddy!

    so glad you all had fun!!!


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