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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Princess Bible {Review}

Although my Little Bean is still a bit young, I am looking forward to sharing the My Princess Bible by Andy Holmes with her in the next few years. More of an introductory storybook than an actual Bible, My Princess Bible introduces young girls to 19 influential, real-life women from the Bible.

Each woman is depicted as a princess, not because of earthly royal lineage, but because she is a daughter of the Heavenly King. Stories are told through rhythmic rhymes and give an overview of the significance of each princess in the Bible. I like that the illustrations show a multicultural depiction of modern day children as princesses, though the illustrations of the actual Biblical women are not as diverse. The author does a good job of imparting to the little girl reader that she is special and seen as a princess because she was created by God, as well as some basic information about some very influential women of the Bible. The last story in the book is taken from Psalm 139, a key passage on how God created us and how special we are to Him.

My Princess Bible can be purchased from the Tyndale publishing house for $12.99. What a wonderful way to remind a special little girl in your life about how treasured she is this upcoming Holiday season!

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  1. Wow! I had never heard of it but I'm excited to go find it! Thanks for the review!


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