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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why Won't Our Boys Read?

Having trouble getting your boys to read? Check out this wonderful article in the Wall Street Journal titled "How to Raise Boys Who Read (Hint: Not with gross-out books and video game bribes)". Though not entirely surprising information, it's a good read and reinforces what most moms of boys already know deep down...the reading gender gap between boys and girls these days is due less to the content of reading material and more to the amount of time many of our kiddos spend "plugged in" to things like video games and the internet.

My philosophy? If you don't start them on the road to mindless electronic stimulation, they won't be sucked into the timeless vortex that seems to help many children fritter away the day. Enough of my soap box for today...I don't know how long this article will be available on the WSJ website, so be sure to check it out now. It really is great stuff!


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