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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Ode to Mrs. Potts!

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Aren't these cake balls absolutely yummy? The latest edition in the line up of "How Did She Do That?" goodies from the uber talented Bakerella, these cuties were designed in honor of Disney's Diamond Edition Blue-Ray / DVD release of Beauty and the Beast.

Since I no longer have any equipment capable of playing my VHS version (or to copy it to DVD), I will be first in line to pick up this classic for our collection. How 'bout you? Yes? Even better, Bakerella is giving away copies of the new set to 3 lucky winners...just stop by now for your chance to win and take a look at some of her scrumptious eye candy while you're there!


  1. oh how i love bakerella! She is a genius and makes everything look so stinkin easy!

    i made the cake pops and made a giant cake pop mess, with pops falling on the floor, red velvet cake mess all over my hands (and i HAD to lick it off my fingers, of course). i must say, they are absolutely delicious!!!

  2. Haha...they can be messy :) I've made the basic cake balls and pops on numerous occasions for favors and teacher gifts...always a big hit! Gotta love me some Bakerella!!


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