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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seizing Soap Balls!

Ok, so this is my first attempt at imbeds of any kind, CP or otherwise.  I had to work quickly because the soap started to go into a major seize just as I was trying to swirl the top (prior to adding the soap balls).  Note To Self:  don't discount the water so much next time!  I was going for a more vibrant pastel pink (if that makes sense) in the top soap layer to play off the soap balls better, but c'est la vie when dealing with natural colorants and seizing soap (no play time to add additional mica this time around).  Also, because of the seizing, the swirl I was going for on the top looks more like a gloppy mess :(

I decided to insulate this one to try to deepen the pinkish color a bit through the gel phase and am crossing my fingers that the Soap Fairy will decide to smile on me since it's part of the Holiday Collection!  As for now, I've put it to bed and will try desperately not to peek (which is ever so hard for me!).  Any guesses as to what I'm going for with this batch?


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