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Monday, July 12, 2010

History In The Making

We're baa-aack *smile* and what a wonderful time we had! This year we decided to load up the kids and take a road trip to The Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. It was unbelievably hot and humid (sunny, sticky, and over 100 degrees every day we were there), but the kids were troopers to the end. Armed with our water bottles, spray mister, sunscreen, and super fabulous Bumbleride Indie Twin (my absolute, hands-down favorite double stroller!), we hit the ground running to check out all of the history that D.C. has to offer...including the 19 buildings of the Smithsonian (no, we did not make it to all of them)!

I seriously wish I had taken my pedometer to see just how many miles our little tootsies logged in all, but alas, I did not. What I can say is it was a lot! The boys are huge animal fans...dinos, mammals, aquatic name 'em, they love 'em. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time exploring in the Museum of Natural History and the nearby Baltimore Aquarium. It was amazing to see all of the kids, including little Ellia, soaking up all of the history around them, while at the same time, making some family history of our own in the form of memories to last a lifetime.

During our vacation, we also hit the Air & Space Museum (very cool!), Ford Theater (complete with loads of interesting conspiracy theory), The White House, Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Korean War Memorial, WWII Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial, George Washington Monument, and Arlington Cemetery. We also managed to squeeze in a wonderful backyard barbecue with one of my husband's college friends and his family in nearby Baltimore.

We had such an incredible time that even Lebron James' announcement that he is leaving our Cavaliers to move to the Heat couldn't sour the trip *wink* (though the kids will miss getting to see him play in person). We saw amazing things, learned about the past of our country and our world, and gained a renewed appreciation for all that God has created. It was truly a trip to remember!


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