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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweets from Sweet Harper

The other day I was surprised with not one, but two Sa-weet blogger awards from the always gracious Tracy over at Sweet Harper (blushing)! Not only is she the uber talented artisan behind some of The Bean's most coveted hair candy, but she is a tried and true genuine sweetheart as well. The rules are the same for each, so I decided to tackle them together...

Rules are as follows: (1) Thank whomever gave you the award (2) Tell 10 things about yourself that your readers might not know about you and (3) pay it forward by nominating some awesome bloggers you've recently discovered.

So...a huge Thank You to my super sweet comrade, Tracy!

1. I would love to share my own delectable sweet green tea with mint (my favorite drink this summer) with my deprived friend, Tracy, who has never had the pleasure of tasting it!
2. I'm not incredibly fond of sweets for the sake of sweetness, but give me a great salty/sweet combo and you've got me at "Hello"!
3. I do most of the grilling in our household :)
4. In my pre-baby days I wore a size 4 and was a workout fanatic...a bit of a far cry from that now (ah, the shame of it).
5. I have 4 incredibly talented and funny wee ones and wouldn't trade them for my pre-baby body or anything else in the world!
6. I love a good belly laugh and prefer to put my energy into smiling rather than frowning (uses waaaay too many muscles to frown!).
7. There will always be those who try to tear you down in order to feel better about themselves...I decided long ago to leave their fate to someone else.
8. Family is the most important thing to me next to my own relationship with God. Try to mess with either and you may draw back a nub.
9. I have fallen into the black hole of Twitter waaaaaay too many times!
10. I have not known what it's like to be free from diapers for the past 6 years!

Time to Pay It Forward...totally impossible to list all of my faves, so here is just a taste :)

Amanda @ Cutie Pa Tutus
Kim @ Yummy Suds
Lindsay @ Living With Lindsay
Kristie @ Bella's Bowtique
Heather @ Heather Bullard

To my recipients: There is absolutely
no pressure to participate (the choice is totally up to you). However, please know that I think each of you is fabulicious and my romps through the blogoshere rock because of you!

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, the ultimate salty/sweet combo is candy corn and peanuts. I always have a mixed bag on hand during the fall. Can't wait to check out your list of recipients!


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