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Monday, July 19, 2010

Our New Tenant

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Though not an actual snap of our new little friend , I passed by a similar looking fellow this afternoon while taking an extra bag of trash out to the curb (sorry folks, but no way was I getting close enough to take my own pic!) . It appears as though a not so little black snake has taken up residence in a cozy little corner on the side of our garage. While my mind tells me that he is harmless to humans and actually quite useful in gardens for vermin control, my eyes, heart, and fight or flight response tell me that he is definitely not welcome on this particular property!

Little known fact for my readers: I have a very strong, somewhat irrational fear of snakes!
My own fears aside, I have 4 little wee ones to think about too. We've had a wonderfully sunny summer thus far and spend most days outdoors. I realize that he is "more afraid of us than we are of him" and that the noise of 4 little ones alone will likely scare him off when we're outside, but I can't help being nervous that one of them will come waltzing across the lawn or around the corner of the house and suffer a mini heart attack upon seeing him!

As an added point of contention, my sister and her 2 young children are coming into town tomorrow for a lengthy visit and we've made plans for lots of cousin-play...much of which is designed to take advantage of the outdoors and this gorgeous weather we've been having.

My husband popped home from work today with a couple of colleagues after I told him about "the sighting" to see if they could find the little guy, but no luck. They were, however, able to locate his apparent living quarters. After they left, I sat down with the boys and talked about the snake, reassured them that he is harmless to humans, and reiterated prior discussions about not investigating ground holes of unknown origin around the yard (we also currently have an underground wasp infestation problem near a partial fence on the property!). They seemed to understand and didn't appear to be bothered by the news at all (of course, I did give an Academy Award-winning performance filled with bravery and courage!). Let's hope he decides rather quickly that this home, with all of its noise and activity, is not the right fit for him!


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