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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It is with great unrest and a heavy heart that I come to you today, for the dreaded Soap Fairy has reared her ugly head on a huge batch of skin loving soap! I was playing with a new mix of essential oils for a spring bar (that I really love, BTW) and got caught today in a full on seize right in the middle of layering my 5 lb. loaf...I sat in utter disgust as I watched all of my beautiful oils and butters freeze before my eyes with nothing to do but wilt at the very thought of all of the costly goodies plucked from me. I put it to bed with hopes that it will be usable in some kind of rebatch (which it not something I find enjoyable), but I must admit feeling a bit deflated to say the least. I have a wholesale order tomorrow to work on...a tried and true recipe that will be easy to bang out, but never fear, I will be back to work on perfecting this refreshing concoction this weekend!

If at first you don't succeed...


  1. I wanna see pics! I hate when that happens. Doesn't the soap know that oils are expensive, and lye is not easy to come by?

    Try CPOPing it at 170 deg for an hour, then let it sit overnight in the oven.

  2. Thanks, Patrice...I'll give it a shot :) I put some great stuff in this one and it was supposed to come out looking so calming and refreshing :(

  3. ugh, gosh that stinks! i dont know how to make soaps, but paper is my thing and sometimes things just don't work out as intended and it's ubbbbbber frustrating!

    Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

  4. I hate not understanding... what does it mean when soap "siezes" and what does it mean to "cpoping" it? I love learning. Help me learn and understand so I can share your frustration. Sharing makes the pain a little more bearable.

  5. one6ylady:
    Cold processed (CP) soap is poured into molds in a liquid or semi-liquid state. When it seizes, it starts to solidify too rapidly and can't be poured. CPOPing stands for cold processed/oven processed. It's a soap making process that combines the traditional cold processed method with a resting period in a warm oven to speed up the chemical reaction needed to make soap. Hope that helps :)

  6. We have to get one6ylady up to snuff:) I love it when people ask questions and want to learn! I couldn't have explained it better myself!

  7. Teach me, teach me... I love to learn. I can design jewelry and make quilts and do scrapbooks and take gorgeous photos, but soap making isn't in my forte.... YET.

    You ladies are so nice. Email me if you want to me to share one of my gorgeous photos for you to use as a computer background. No photo stealing or editing here... only genuine, as I took them shots.



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