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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Only For You, Patrice...

...would I reveal in photographic form the travesty that is my seizing nightmare (for those who may be a little lost, please check out yesterday's post below). Because you are such a skilled artisan and create some of my favorite eye candy, I will oblige your request for pics of my devastation. For your viewing pleasure...Enjoy (and feel free to offer condolences as you feel led!)...

The lumpy, chunky mess that is the much for beautiful swirls & peaks!

This baby seized so hard and so fast I couldn't even bang, mash, or otherwise cajole it down into the corners properly!

For those who may be new to my little blog or passing through for the day, this was not the look I was going for, nor should it be taken as an example of my work (which can be viewed HERE). In fact, IMO, this is not how beautiful handmade soap is supposed to look at all. It is simply an unfortunate occurrence meant to sit here on my counter and mock me all afternoon until I finally decide if there is some way to miraculously salvage all of the fabulous skin loving oils and butters that went into this batch. And BTW, did I mention that it smells AMAZING? Fresh and clean and perfectly green with just a splash of citrus...ah, sooooo disappointing!

Tomorrow is another day filled with so many possibilities, but until then I can't help but hear the faintest laugh coming from the lump of disappointment sitting on my counter!


  1. I'm famous!!! LOL! Actually the soap doesn't look that bad. I know you were going for a specific look. I would totally buy this. Pop this baby in the oven and take a chance:)

  2. oh my gosh, that is one big hunk of soap!

    hopefully you can do somthing with it, especially since it smells so good!!! i wish the image was scratch and sniff-lol

  3. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you an awesome day!!!!
    Cute Blog!!!! :)

  4. Eeek! lol, well, I just hate it when that happens! Well, I could tell this would have been fabulous!!

    As Forrest said, soaping is definitely "like a box of chocolates......"

  5. I want the chunks of the two ends. Cuts of one inch thick would do perfect. Email me if you can sell them to me... I love the swirly, not perfectly solid look you got because you couldn't push it into the corners quick enough.


  6. In fact, maybe even two one inch cuts off of each end for a total of four 1-inch cuts (lots of green in the end pieces). It's hard to tell how far that thick layer of green goes in before it thins out and I like the thick green look.

    Seriously, contact me.

    one6ylady(at)aol(dot)com... just put your blog title as the subject line so I know to open the email.

  7. one6ylady:

    Thank you for your encouragement :) Just sent you an email regarding your request. Have a wonderful weekend!


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