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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Handcrafted Soapers Mount Up... please give your professional opinions (and perhaps some much needed sympathy!) regarding one of my recent CP batches. I've been working on a new spring line as well as a couple of select Valentine goodies. I recently made a delicious batch of Love Ya' A Latte...chock full of shea and cocoa butters, freshly ground chocolate, and freshly ground coffee beans (mmmm, mmmm, good!). I added a layer of rich white castile "foam" and whole coffee beans to top it off. I'm very pleased with the look overall except for one big pimple on the face of this beauty...the ash and appearance of tiny bumps all over the lovely creamy foam!

Like many of you, I despise the thought of all of my luscious oils going to waste, particularly when the soap itself is perfectly decadent. So I fear I am left with the following options:

1. Slice it up and carefully cut the layer of ash from the top of each bar, thus losing the cute whole bean ornamentation
2. Chalk it up to a test batch and use it here at home and as samples for family and friends
3. Sell it at a discount as an "ugly" bar (though I really don't like the idea of putting any "misses" up for sale...then again, I love to get a great deal by purchasing the "uglies"!)
4. See if I can somehow remove the top layer of ash, mash in some new coffee beans while it's still a little soft, and hope that they stick (I have my doubts, but here is where I'm relying on those of you with loads more experience than me!).

So have at it talented sudsy artisans...weigh in with your opinions for the best solution to this boo-boo :)


  1. Sorry I can't give advice on if you can fix this or not, but if you can't I like the idea of selling it at a discounted price!!! Or even using it as a giveaway!

  2. If it's not feasible to be able to remove the layer of ash and get the new coffee beans to stick, I would cut it off and lose the whole bean ornamentation for the batch. Not that the family and friends wouldn't love it as samples, but if there's a way to salvage being able to sell them I think you should do that. I don't think you should discount and sell as an "ugly" bar if you're able to lose the whole beans on top and sell at normal price, but that's just my opinion. If you make another batch, then try it again to make the "cute" bars, if you know why it ashed and can prevent it from happening again!

  3. I think you should totally sell it as an ugly bar, great idea.


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