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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mama Loves the PedEgg!

Summer or winter, my preferred footwear whenever feasible is none at all. This mama definitely likes to run around sporting bare tootsies, free as a bird with nothing to trap my precious peds. However, choosing a barefoot lifestyle does have one major drawback...the inevitable formation of little callouses, generally centered around the greatest pressure points of my walking pattern.

Fortunately, this mama's mama was lookin' out this Christmas when she decided to get me the Ped Egg as a little stocking stuffer. Not typically a fan of infomercial fare (particularly because the items rarely perform as depicted), I must confess that I love my new PedEgg! A little morbid looking at first, the "blade" attachment is sharp enough to perform at higher levels than any pumice stone I've tried, but not nearly as sharp as the weapons wielded during a custom pedicure at my favorite spa. My favorite feature? The attached reservoire to catch all of the little messy cleanup! As one who likes to keep a nice pedicure going even in the winter, the PedEgg gives me an economical choice when professional pedicures are not feasible or cost effective. A big 2 thumbs up from this mama :)

No compensation or test product was received for this post. These statements are based on my opinions and experiences only. Photo provided by product insert.


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