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Friday, January 22, 2010

Caring for Your Handmade Bar Soap

Love your natural handmade bar soap but hate the gloppy goo that forms at the bottom of the bar in the shower? Use a slotted soap deck to allow your favorite bar to dry out properly between uses and prolong the life of your soap!

That slimy, gloppy, goo is actually loaded with skin nourishing glycerin, which forms naturally during the cold processed method of soap making. It's typically removed from commercial bars and replaced with synthetic gunk, chemical additives, and detergents. By properly draining your handmade soap on a slotted soap deck between uses, you can help keep that skin-loving glycerin in your bar and out of the drain. If you share your shower with other family members, it's also a good idea to store your soap (on its deck, of course!) on the counter or bathtub when not in use to keep the water spray of the shower from whittling it away when others are washing up :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Neat tip. If you have a shower stall with a top lip, cut a shelf board from plexiglass )the exact length from wall to wall and about 4-6 inches wide) to fit along the back wall of your shower. The top lip will keep it in place and you can store all your stuff up there and still be able to see what it is when you're reaching for it. The soap drain board you showed on this post would fit perfectly on it. You can also use a piece of that vinyl coated closet organizer shelfing IF you get the touch up vinyl and coat the ends that you have cut (when you get it cut to fit) so that it doesn't rust.


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