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Friday, February 26, 2010

Birthday Bonanza Preparations Continue...

So, today was to be the kick-off of the 6th Year Birthday Bonanza with a mini celebration with friends during snack time at kindergarten. Needless to say, Old Man Winter decided to dump all over us last night resulting in a snow day today. However, it wasn't all bad...being stuck in the house with all of this chocolate delight made for one decadent afternoon for mama and the kiddos! Let's just say that, school or no school, this celebration is starting with a BANG!

In between surges of sugar rush, I was able to get all 19 party favors finished off...chock full of some of Jaden's favorite things to share with his friends :)

Now to finish wrapping the birthday gifts and get the balloons in place for his BDay morning wake up call!


  1. Oh my oh my...all that chocolate on those cupcakes! I NEED some of that right now.

  2. Puleeeez take them, Jules! I've been indulging waaaay too much today and need to get them out of sight :) They are incredibly delish if I do say so myself (LOL)!

  3. I want you to be my mom for all looks so cute and yummy! I am sure the party will be fun.
    jenn crowe

  4. I want you to be my mom for bdays, what yummy treats and the bags are really cute! What a fun party this will be....

    Jenn Crowe

  5. Oh wow - those look good! Got any extras? ;)


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