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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keep Your Vehicle Snow Ready

We're hunkerin' (yes, I said hunkerin') down for a big snow here...3-4 inches this afternoon, 6-8 more overnight, continued snow tomorrow and 30-40 mph winds through it all...YIKES! The pantry is stocked, warm fuzzy jammies are all washed and at the ready, and snow day activities are planned for tomorrow just in case ;)

With all this talk of snow, I started to re-evaluate just how "snow ready" my car is in case of unforseen circumstances. After much consideration, I came up with the following necessities to keep in my car this winter season:

1. Blankets - IMO, the most important thing next to a working cell phone (which is always in my purse) that you can have with you in case of emergency. Not only can they be used for huddling together for warmth, but they can also be invaluable for use in first aid if your emergency first aid kit mysteriously goes MIA.
2. A Spare Charged Cell Phone - even a small prepaid phone with minimal minutes can come in handy for calling 911 in case of emergency if your primary cell's battery dies. A spare charger is a great idea too, but won't do you much good if the car battery is dead...always have a phone at the ready!
3. A First Aid Kit - this is a must have in my car year-round. Stock it with some essentials - bandages, gauze, antiseptic, ice packs, scissors, an ACE wrap, etc...And above all else, know how to use it! You never know when you may have to splint a limb or stabilize a joint until medical help can arrive.
4. Jumper Cables - goes without saying. It's just good driving sense.
5. Spare Winter Clothes - goes hand in hand with extra blankets. Having 4 little ones means I need to consider how I can keep everyone warm and dry. Be sure to have extra layers for you as never know when you may have to leave the vehicle and layers are key for keeping warmth against the skin.
6. Prepackaged Snacks/Imperishables - go for dense, fiber-rich foods that pack a punch like granola, jerky, and protein bars. No need to keep a bunch of water/liquids in the car in the winter. They would likely freeze/explode anyway. If caught in a blizzard, you'll have all the fresh water you need around you...snow!
7. Flashlights - are great for looking around under the hood, near the tires, and for signaling help. Be sure to keep extra batteries on hand too to keep those flashlights functional.
8. A Small Tool Kit - for basic repairs (at least enough to sucessfully change a tire...make sure your jack is always in place!).
9. Emergency Tire Sealant - like won't repair a flat tire, but can seal a leak long enough to get you to the next gas station.
10. Road Salt & Shovel - not always feasible due to space, but even a small hand shovel and bag of gravel or salt can help to free stuck tires (old floor mats can also provide traction against slipping tires).


  1. Yowzer!! That's ALOT of snow!!
    Wow! Great post. You're set!
    Sending you some sunshine from FLA

  2. Thank you, my dear Ms. Yummy...I'll take all of the FLA sunshine I can get right about now!!

  3. SNOW isn't even the word...

    Over here in Baltimore we are getting loads of it!

  4. Ahhh, I feel for you,'ve been getting dumped on big time! :( Sending warm thoughts your way :)

  5. In my opinion, if you need all that you'd better have a really good reason for going out in the first place.

    I'm a fan of just staying home.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly, JoeyRes! This is more of an "emergency" list in case you're unexpectedly caught in a mess (which can unfortunately happen in the blink of an eye here in the snow belt!). LOL :)


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