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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sending Up Prayers for Sweet Layla Grace!

Layla Grace is an amazing little 2 year old who has been battling an aggressive neuroblastoma (malignant cancer) for the past 10 months. I have followed her incredible journey for over 6 months now and find myself in constant awe of the strength of this little angel. Read her whole story HERE.

Throughout her struggle, her mom has chronicled her victories and battles via her blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Layla has shown more strength and courage in her 2 short years than most people demonstrate in a lifetime. She has reached more people and influenced more lives than many ministries throughout the country. She has renewed my appreciation of my own family time and time again. According to the latest updates, she may be approaching the end of her journey.

And so today, I ask you to join me in sending up a prayer for Sweet Layla, that she will be made whole again very soon. Whether by a miraculous healing or being cradled in God's loving arms, I pray that her pain and struggling are at an end. I ask God to provide peace for Layla and her family in all things and thank Him for allowing me to know this little one, even if only through the internet. She is indeed a very special angel!

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  1. So sad! She looks like a little angle. My baby girl is named Leila too~ just brings tears to my eyes! I'll stop by the blog now..

  2. Oh my goodness Verne, what a blog!! I cried my eyes out but thanks for telling people about it because her family sure can use the prayers and we all sure can use the reminding. . .when she writes about "wanting the interuptions" and wishing she had them now. . .oh my goodness, I thought I was thankful for my healthy little guy BEFORE reading this but holy smokes! Sorry for the rambling but thanks for the site! :)

  3. I know, Vernie...I've cried my eyes out over this little one many times and prayed for her even more times than that. She's won so many of her battles, but I think she is ready to go Home. Her mom's last 2 posts were heart wrenching. I cannot imagine watching any of mine little ones pass before my eyes. Tonight they had her sisters tell her goodbye and sent them to their was her oldest sister's birthday today :(

  4. aww..such an angel!! may there be sunshine in whoever's lives she has touched!!

  5. I don't think I can read any more but thank you for sharing her story. I hope that a cure, and a long happy life, is in her grasp.


  6. I will be praying for that beautiful little girl and her family! My heart is aching for them.
    Isaiah 43:2 is a very comforting verse. My Mom is battling cancer, and this verse has helped both of us.


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